Unfolding Duplications: Contemporary Risograph Publishing

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, July 19th :: 6 - 8 pm :: Join us after spending the day at the SF Art Book Fair :: RSVP here

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In the past 10 years, Risograph printing has shifted from being a niche printing method to a fully realized and ubiquitous method for creating artist publications and ephemera for micro and small press publishers. The exhibition Unfolding Duplications: Contemporary Risograph Publishing brings together artists and publishers from across North America who use Risograph printing as a central element in their works. The publications in Unfolding Duplications range from accessible comics and zines to limited fine press editions, underscoring the broad spectrum of artistic possibilities that Risograph printing offers.

Works like Temporary Services's "Book Waste Book," which explores the ecological impact of publishing, encourage contemplation on printing practices and their environmental implications, inviting dialogue on sustainability within the artistic community. Amelia Johnson's "Unmarked Moments" brings attention to humble, everyday objects, prompting readers to reflect on what is valued, used, discarded, or left behind. This emphasis on the intersection of concept and Risograph's unique print methods further illustrates its potential as a medium for exploring and conveying meaningful narratives. Bringing together contemporary Risograph artists and publishers, Unfolding Duplications: Contemporary Risograph Publishing offers insights into how a specific printing technology can evolve into a medium for creative expression while retaining the spirit of innovation and experimentation.



(left to right: See You Onna Dark Night by Arantza Peña Popo, Tree Stone by Alex Lukas, various works in the exhibition)


Amy Burek (Awkward Ladies Club) is a Bay Area-based artist whose work explores how science and technology have shaped the ways we perceive and interact with the world around us. Her publishing project Awkward Ladies Club focuses on memoir, knowledge-sharing, and other non-fiction works. Amy is also a co-founder of Chute Studio, a collaborative Risograph studio in Oakland, CA. She holds a BS in Molecular Biology from Arizona State University and a MS in Plant Biology from University of California, Berkeley.

Zach Clark (National Monument Press) is an Oakland, CA based artist, educator, and publisher. He received his BFA from University of Illinois Chicago, and MFA from University of California Davis. His work is rooted in locational memory and is based in the intersection of printmaking, photography, and publication. He publishes as National Monument Press, a publishing project focused on supporting uniquely American stories through small edition printed matter and curatorial projects, completed largely through collaboration with other artists. He is one half of Chute Studio, an Oakland based Risograph publishing studio. He is a lecturer at California State University East Bay, and has shown, worked, taught, and is in collections across North America, Europe, and Japan.


(online) From the Bench with Josh Dannin of Directangle Press :: Thursday, July 11th, 12:30 - 1:00 pm PST

Unfolding Duplications: Contemporary Risograph Publishing :: Zach Clark (National Monument Press) with Amy Burek (Awkward Ladies Club) in conversation with Lindsay Buchman, Seaton Street Press, Erica Wilk, Moniker Press, Rodrigo Alasua, SARA

(In person) Friday, July 19, 2024 :: 2-3 pm :: SF Art Book Fair, 1275 Minnesota Street San Francisco, CA

This panel discussion at the SF Art Book Fair features the exhibition’s curators and a selection of artists discussing what makes Risograph publishing exciting and important at this moment in time. It is presented by National Monument Press.

(online) From the Bench with Zach Clark of National Monument Press :: Thursday, August 1st, 12:30 - 1:00 pm PST


Join SFCB for this monthly studio talk from artists, printers, curators, and bookbinder.

(in person) Gallery Walk of the Exhibition hosted by The Colophon Club :: Tuesday, September 10th :: 6 - 8 pm :: $20.00

The curators of “Unfolding Duplications: Contemporary Risograph Publishing” will discuss work in the gallery and Risograph printing as a unique print method for artists’ books. No RSVP required, admission will be charged at the door.