Group Tours

San Francisco Center for the Book offers four types of tours.

Self-Guided Individual Tours

Drop by during normal business hours for a visit. No reservation is necesary. Click here for location and hours. Self guided tours are free. 

Self-Guided Group Tours (Groups of 10 people or more.) 

Contact us at sends e-mail) to schedule your group in advance. Self-guided group tours are free.

Our Basic Guided Tour

This is a guided tour of San Francisco Center for the Book focused on the group's area of interest. Basic guided tours last approximately one hour.  Pricing on request.(link sends e-mail)

Our Basic Guided Tour (with Hands-on Activity)

This guided tour of San Francisco Center for the Book includes a hands-on activity. We will work with you to develop an activity that focuses on your group's area of interest. This guided tour and activity lasts approximately 2-3 hours. Pricing on request.(link sends e-mail)

Contact us at for more information and to make a reservation for your group tour.