The World Of Hedi Kyle: Codex Curios and Bibli’Objets

Exhibition :: The World of Hedi Kyle : Codex Curios and Bibli'Objets

Exhibition Run Dates :: April 15 - July 17, 2016

Curator :: Hedi Kyle

Location :: San Francisco Center for the Book, 375 Rhode Island Street, San Francisco

About the exhibition :: Hedi Kyle has been making books for over four decades and is a recognized innovator in the field of artists books and printing. As a professor in the Masters Program of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts, Kyle has provided boundless inspiration, guidance, and expertise to students. In 1983, together with Timothy Barrett and Gary Frost, Kyle established Paper Book Intensive, an annual series of workshops related to bookbinding, printing, and book conservation. For many years, she was the Head of Conservation at the American Philosophical Society; through her training and work with historical book models, she has popularized many unconventional book structures. Among her contemporaries and colleagues, it is widely acknowledged that one of Kyle's great strengths is her sense of play, of possibility, and of joyful creativity.

Works on display for this exhibit included both new work (made by Hedi Kyle specifically for SFCB's exhibition) as well as book objects she had created over the years. Interactive examples of Kyle's book structure models were available for gallery visitors to pick up, page through, and explore. 

Exhibition Catalog :: The catalog for this exhibition is currently sold out. For more information on upcoming reprints of this catalog, please contact SFCB directly.

Exhibition Sponsors :: Grants For The Arts | San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund | The Kahle Austin Foundation | The Kahle Austin Fund through the San Francisco Foundation