Erratum: Brief Interruptions in the Waste Stream

Erratum: Brief Interruptions in the Waste Stream

Edition of 40
28 panels & 1 brick
Letterpress printed panels
2- 9x5x2 5/8" boxes
2 colors; text and illstration
No binding, pages and brick housed in wooden brick molds
$500 {call to purchase}

An artist's book project issued in a deluxe Book + Brick edition of 40 signed and numbered copies, and a Poster + Chess trade edition of 70 signed and numbered copies.

The 2010 IMPRINT Artist in Residence focuses on the process, production and finished work created by our 2010 artists in residence, Amy Franceschini and her collaborator Michael Swaine, in the context of related work that spans a broad range of media. Their work takes a visual approach to articulating perceived conflict between humans and nature, and the individual to a community.

"The San Francisco artists Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine, of Futurefarmers, have developed a body of work about the nature of our waste processing systems that challenges that most essential element of a civilized home, indoor plumbing. They suggest replacing every last one of them. " - Renny Pritikin 


Amy Franceschini is an artist with a deep interest in how humans interact and impact the world around them. An overarching theme in her work is a perceived conflict between humans and nature. She creates websites, installations and public programs that provide platforms to question this divide. She draws inspiration from the improvisation, innovation and collaboration that emerges from the choreographed activities of farming both big and small. In 2004, she co-founded Free Soil, an international collective of artists, activists, and researchers who work together to propose alternatives to the current social, political and environmental organization of space. Her individual and collaborative work has been exhibited internationally at the Zentrum Kunst Media in Karlsruhe Germany, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the New York Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. She has received numerous awards including the SFMOMA Seca Award, Artadia Award, Eureka Fellowship, Creative Capital and is recently the recipient of a Graham Foundation and Art Matters grant. She received her BFA from San Francisco State University and her MFA from Stanford University. Amy is a visiting faculty in the graduate program at the California College of the Arts.

Michael Swaine is an inventor and designer working in many media. Michael has collaborated with Futurefarmers since 1997. He is dedicated to working in the community, his "Mending Library" Generosity Project involves him pushing an old fashioned ice cream style cart on wheels with a treadle-operated sewing machine on it through the streets of San Francisco. He teaches at CCA and is currently working on his MA in Design at UC Berkeley.