Freud on the Couch :: Psyche in the Book

Exhibition :: Freud on the Couch :: Psyche in the Book

Curator :: Susanne Padberg

Exhibition Run Dates :: October 20, 2018 – January 20, 2019

Location :: San Francisco Center for the Book

Admission is free.


About the Exhibition:
Freud on the Couch: Psyche in the Book, organized by Susanne Padberg, is a powerful exhibition centered on Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis techniques and the many artists who can be seen as being inspired by them. Using a mix of images and language offered by print, various artists focus on human desires, dreams, and experience in representations of Freud’s famous concepts, including free association, parapraxis, and his discovery of transference & countertransference.

This exhibition includes the works of the following artists: Thorsten Baensch / Sarah Bryant / Crystal Cawley / Ken Campbell / Maureen Cummins / Anne Deguelle / Gerhild Ebel / Stefan Gunnesch / Karen Hanmer / Anna Helm / Kurt Johannessen / Susan Johanknecht / Janosch Kaden / Burgi Kühnemann / M.M. Lum / Herbert Stattler / Jule Claudia Mahn / Patrizia Meinert / Simon & Christine Morris / Didier Mutel / Susanne Nickel / Yasutomo Ota / Waltraud Palme / Marian St. Laurent / Veronika Schäpers / Robbin Ami Silverberg / Herbert Stattler / Ines von Ketelhodt / Carola Willbrand & Mark Met / Sam Winston

The San Francisco Center for the Book is the third and final venue for this travelling exhibition. Minnesota Center for the Book Arts and The Center for Book Arts {New York} were previous hosts for Freud on the Couch: Psyche in the Book in 2018.


(artwork, above left: Le Tapis De Sigmund by Anne Deguelle / above, right: Gradiva by Didier Mutel)


Exhibition Catalog
A fully illustrated catalog of this exhibition may be purchased from San Francisco Center for the Book