Team Builder Workshops

Team Builders: We have six basic workshops to choose from below that offer a variety of fun approaches to learning about making books by hand. We are also happy to customize a creative experience to meet the goals of your team.

3-Hour Team Builders (Minimum of 5 people :: Maximum of 20 people :: $150 per person)

Printing & Binding Project :: Sewn Boards Variation

Participants will start by printing the covers to their book, then fold, tip, and sew together this lovely variation on a traditional binding. After the covers are fastened down, the book is trimmed on three edges and the corners are rounded for a beautiful finish and final look.

Printing Project :: Letterpress Posters

Break into small groups to design, lay out, and print your own set of posters using the presses and type from our giant print studio. Combine colors, images, and type into a custom design hand-printed on a Vandercook press.

Binding Project :: Laced Paper Journal

This elegant little book combines a variety of basic binding techniques with the result being a non-adhesive journal with laced supports that also function as clasps to hold the book closed.

2-Hour Team Builders (Minimum of 5 people :: Maximum of 20 people :: $100 per person)

Printing & Binding Project :: Pamphlet with Printed Cover

Bring together the basics of printing and binding with this project where participants print a folding cover and then use it as a cover for a traditional pamphlet stitch book.

Printing Project :: Group Broadside with Names

Participants will each get to set their name with type from our collection and then combine it all together and print a group broadside to commemorate the day.

Binding Project :: A Flight of Books

Try your hand at a variety of basic boookbinding structures in this team building workshop to experience the fun of making books by hand.


Team Builders at SFCB from SF Center for the Book on Vimeo.