Imprint Publications

San Francisco Center for the Book teaches all aspects of making books by hand, so it is fitting that we also engage in the producing and publishing of books as well. The nature of those publications has evolved over the years, but it includes a wide variety of artists' books -- including our Small Plate series and Artist in Residence Program -- as well as our Exhibition Catalogs

The Imprint facilitates SFCB's mission of promoting the traditional book arts alongside exploration of experimental forms and techniques.

SFCB Imprint Programs are run by its Imprint Committee and are selected through invitation only. 


Small Plates Edition Series

Small Plates is a series of 4" square handmade artists' books issued in editions of 50-100 signed and numbered copies each. Released annually, these editions feature creative interplay between word, image, and book structure. Invited participants range from emerging to established artists. Small Plates artist's book production is a collaborative process that was designed to benefit the artist, SFCB, and the wider community.

The program is made possible through book sales, donations, and grant support from the Feigenbaum Nii Foundation.

Artist in Residence Program

The Imprint of the SFCB's Artist in Residence Program ran from 2005 to 2012. Participants were chosen from a creative community of San Francisco Bay Area artists ranging from those in fine arts and multi-media to photographers, poets and writers. The goal of the Artist in Residency was to raise awareness of book arts as a vital genre in contemporary art, to bring fresh perspectives to the field, and to support artists in their vocation.

The artist-in-residency program was made possible through book sales, donations and artist sponsorships.

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