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Imprint Publications The Imprint of SFCB is the publishing arm of the San Francisco Center for the Book, and a home for selected artists to learn the art and craft of the handmade book. The Imprint facilitates SFCB's mission of promoting the traditional book arts alongside exploration of experimental forms and techniques through two ongoing letterpress-based projects: the Artist in Residence Program and the Small Plates Edition Series.

Artists-in-residence are selected through invitation only. 

Residency editions to date:

29 Degrees North by Michael Bartalos (2005)
DeRekening by John DeMerritt and Nora Pauwels (2006)
The Relative Value of Things by Nigel Poor (2007)
The Art of Stepping Through Time by Ala Ebtekar (2008)
Restless Dust by Gail Wight (2009)
Erratum: Brief Interruptions in the Waste Stream by Amy Franceschini + Michael Swaine (2010)
Paper Space by Kota Ezawa (2011)

Small Plates Edition Series: Small Plates is a series of 4" square letterpress-printed books issued in editions of 100 signed and numbered copies each. Released on a periodic basis, these editions feature creative interplay between word, image and book structure. Invited participants range from emerging to established artists, including at least one Bay Area art student per year. Small Plates book production is a collaborative process that was designed to benefit the artist, the SFCB and the wider community. The program is made possible through book sales, donations and artist sponsorships.

Small Plates editions to date:

Lyrica by Michael Hannon and William Wiley (2008)
How Birds Sing by Kay Ryan and Tucker Nichols (2008)
Thumb War by John Hersey (2008)
Grey Matter Gardening by Nanette Wylde (2008)
God's Femur by Ward Schumaker (2009)
Rabbitpox by Allison Weiner (2009)
Bichos del Campo by Daniel Gonzalez (2009)
Reparations by Emory Douglas (2009)
Dog Dreams by Michael Wertz (2010)
One Another by Jennifer Hennesy (2010)
Sideshow by Rigel Stuhmiller (2011)
That's It: Liqour, Beer & Wine by Sarah Newton (2011)
Sideshow by Rigel Stuhmiller (2011)
Parasite by Amber Stucke (2013)
Deconstruction/Construction by Annemarie Munn (2014)
Words Fail Me by Lisa Rappoport (2014)
The Hunter and the Bear by Bryan Kring (2014)
Mimi Nashi Hoichi by Patricia Wakida (2015)
The Last Color by Michelle Wilson (2015)
Knuckles on the Ground by Andrew Rottner (2015)
INPUT/OUTPUT by Macy Chadwick (2016)
Grimm's Fairy Tale Theater: Hänsel & Gretel by Bettina Pauly (2016)
Proclamatie by Jennie Hinchcliff (2016)
Shipjangsaeng by Lars Kim (2017)
A Nice Cup of Tea by Brian Lieske (2017)
& I'm Leaving by Carissa Potter (2017)
CB&S Swatchbook by Noah Breuer (2018)
Common Matrix by Helen Ip (2018)
Still by Ariel Hansen Strong (2018)
Animalia Paradoxia by Tim Svenonius (2019)
Field Work by Rhiannon Alpers (2019)
Triple Bind: No Words by Kirsten Malone (2019)