Roadworks 2020 rolls on...ONLINE!

(photo courtesy of Michelle Wilson)

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our online Roadworks event this weekend! Your support, enthusiasm, and generosity is part of what makes our SFCB community so incredible. SFCB staff would also like to thank our amazing volunteers, vendors, and presenters who appeared behind the scenes and onscreen for the day. We couldn't have done it without you.

Roadworks 2020 "Classic Print" Artist:

We are thrilled to announce our Classic Print artist for Roadworks 2020: Eric Rewitzer (3 Fish Studios)!

Roadworks 2020 "Personal Print" Artists:

Erica Barajas :: Kate Beale :: Anna Branning :: Roshelle Carlson :: Lowen Cattolico :: Anjelika Deogirikar-Grossman :: Gina di Grazia :: Phoebe Diamond :: Winnie Ding :: Colleen Dwire :: Jennifer Evans :: Anne Fischer :: Lori Foster :: Linnaea Furlong :: Danguole Kuolas :: Michelle Lee :: MJ Linford :: Nora & Sheila Pallotta :: Jeni Paltiel :: Jose Ramirez Calamateo :: Annie Roach :: Karl Roeseler :: Thorina Rose :: Kate Rutter :: Laura Wellington :: Melissa West

Our Roadworks 2020 vendors were also a big hit! Scroll below and click to visit their web stores -- isn't now a perfect time to treat yourself to something book-ish or paper-y?

Exhibitors, vendors, and organizations:

Baczek Studio :: Blue Skies Workroom :: Boundless Books and Writingware :: California Society of Printmakers :: Center for Book Arts NY :: Circle A Studio :: Coffee n Cream Press :: Deconstructed Artichoke Press :: Dutch Poet Press | Robert Perry Book Design :: Hunger Button Books :: Meadow Press :: Melissa West, Printmaker :: Meridian Press :: Navy Midnight Press :: neon sprinkles studio :: Object: Found :: Painted Tongue Press :: Sserp Press :: Stephanie Martin Art :: The Constant Forager :: wasabi press :: Whale Bone Bindery

(photo courtesy of Michelle Wilson)

About Roadworks 2020:

This year San Francisco Center for the Book’s 17th Annual Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival took place online! An annual favorite of the bookarts community, SFCB's free-to-attend printmaking and book arts extravaganza included virtual book arts activities, demonstrations, exhibitors, and a livestream of the steamroller print process.

Some things you can count on: the tides, economic fluctuations, and of course, Roadworks! Even though we didn't feel it was safe to host a giant street festival this year, we weren’t about to let a virus keep us from printing giant linoleum cuts with a steamroller. We used SFCB's back parking lot as a press bed and a pint-sized steamroller as the press to print Classic 3’ square prints and 9x12” personal prints throughout the day. Order yours and watch it get printed on the livestream. The day also included three panel discussions: "Li Jiang of Lemoncheese Press / iron hand press demo", "Classic print artist Q&A with Eric Rewitzer and Melissa West", and "RW2020 Personal Print Artists Showcase with printmakers Erica Barajas, Danguole Kuolas, Karl Roeseler, Kate Rutter, & Laura Wellington". The discussions were moderated by Thea Sizemore of Kavamore Press.



For their generous support of San Francisco Center for the Book we acknowledge Kahle Austin Foundation and Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund.