The Book of You

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October 16th, 2012 6:30 PM

  • Instructor: Will Cloughley
  • Workshop Type: Arts
  • Workshop Status: Closed
  • Workshop Start: October 16th, 2012 6:30 PM
  • Workshop End: October 16th, 2012 10:00 PM
  • Sessions: 1

A blank book is a wonderful thing. It is a place to collect your thoughts, images, ideas, impressions, and anything else that you may want to put to paper. In this workshop you will learn how to integrate the visual and linguistic maps of your experiences. Beginning with a blank book students will learn how to integrate the visual and linguistic maps of your experiences. Adventure along the cognitive pathways of collage, private symbol systems, self-styled alphabets, poetic prose, and image capturing and creation by means of photography, drawing, painting, collage, and frottage. Experience the integrative process of being simultaneously both author and reader of the 'book of you' as you create your own book from the fabric of your own vision and experience.

Materials to bring: A hardbound black sketchbook (ideally 8 ½ x 11) page sizes, X-acto blade holder and a #11 blade, pens and pencils for drawing and writing. Some recommendations include: a graphite HB medium hardness pencil, Prismacolor colored pencils, steel nib (or felt tip) writing pen, chisel-shaped felt tip Calligraphic markers (ZIG Memory System and Itoya Doubleheader CL-10 are recommended, inkjet print of a picture of yourself (possibly a self portrait you have done with your own camera) in a 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 size so that it can be pasted into the sketchbook for a workshop exercise. You might bring a few prints that capture different expressions and gestures. Optional (but highly recommended) a Westcott Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler (12”) with a cork backing.

Materials fee: $15