Li Jiang

Li Jiang is a Berkeley-based letterpress printer, graphic designer, bookbinder, and printmaker operating under the name Lemoncheese Press. Originally from Chengdu, China, Li earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Then, she found her way to letterpress printing and set out to gain as much arcane knowledge as possible about the craft from Bay Area printing masters.

In addition to working with individual clients, Li has also printed for many Bay Area bibliophilic and printing organizations, such as the Book Club of California, the Colophon Club, the Roxburghe Club, the American Printing History Association (NorCal Chapter), and Moxon Chappel. She also volunteers at the San Francisco Center for the Book.


Over the years Li has developed a technique for creating polymer printing plates without the use of a computer by scratching film directly. She uses this technique to make beautiful ethereal botanical and landscape prints. Each color is printed separately; in an eight-color print, that means the paper has to register precisely to the previous color seven times.

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