Classic & Personal Print Sales


There are two types of prints available for purchase:

Classic Prints: SFCB's Roadworks event offers a unique opportunity to make larger-than-average linoleum prints by using a 7-ton 1924 Buffalo Springfield steamroller. Featuring five different artists, SFCB’s print crew brings these 3’ by 3’ "Classic Prints" to life.

Personal Prints: In 2016, SFCB introduced the "Personal Prints" program, offering artists an opportunity to see their work printed by steamroller. These smaller-sized (9” by 12”) linoleum blocks highlight the work of thirty-five artists throughout our community.

All proceeds from Classic and Personal Print sales support SFCB workshops, exhibitions, and free public programming.         


Each Classic Print is a 3’x3’ linoleum plate printed onto a 42”x42” sheet of Rives BFK using a 7-ton steamroller, resulting in a unique print each time. 

2023 Classic Print artists: Nora Aoyagi :: Hannah Cousins :: Daniel González of Print González :: Rik Olson :: Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios

How to purchase:

  • Classic Prints can only be ordered in person, during the event. Classic Print orders end at 2:00 pm, in order to guarantee enough time to print each Classic Print order by the steamroller.

  • Classic Prints cannot be picked up on the day of the event. Orders will be ready within 3-4 weeks, allowing time to dry and be signed by the artist. SFCB will ship or package prints for pick-up.



Each Personal Print is a 9" x 12" inch linoleum plate printed onto an 11" x 14" sheet of Rives BFK.

How to purchase (IN PERSON) at Roadworks:

  • Personal Print orders placed in-person at Roadworks by 2 pm will be printed by the steamroller, unless we reach our day-of-event printing capacity. 

  • Personal Prints ordered in person are ready between 3 and 4 pm on the day of the event. 

PLEASE NOTE: prints are printed in the order in which they are placed. If you would like to leave with your Personal Print in hand, please understand that you will not be able to pick your print up until 3 pm. Please provide a mailing address at checkout if you do not want to wait for your print to be ready. 

How to purchase (ONLINE) if you won't be at Roadworks:

  • Personal Prints offered for sale on the SFCB Biblioshop website are for pre-order only and will not be available on the day of the event.

  • Online Personal Print orders will be printed on a Vandercook Press in the SFCB studio after the event and will ship in early October.

Pre-order Here!

2023 Personal Print artists: Anna Asebedo :: Kelly Autumn :: Erica Barajas :: Tony Bellaver & Mary V. Marsh :: Barbara Bolls-Guillory :: Tanya Both :: Meri Brin :: Mary Bruno :: Insiya Dhatt :: Karen Gallagher-Iverson :: Victoria Heifner :: Anna Homchick :: Myong Jin :: Claire Kessler-Bradner :: Danguole Kuolas :: Grendl Lofkvist Moseley :: Jeni Paltiel :: Bettina Pauly :: Jessica Phrogus :: Meghan Pohlod :: Stefanie Prado :: Gino Robair :: Anna Rochester :: Dionisia Ruiz :: Kate Rutter :: Jessica Stanton :: Toru Sugita :: Tim Svenonius :: Chris Young :: Nina Eve Zeininger