Deconstruction/Construction (2014)

Annemarie Munn
Deconstruction/Construction (2014)
Edition Size: 

Letterpress printed
Cover: plantable paper handmade by Porridge Papers
Text: Newsprint White Dur-otone by French Paper
12 pages 
4" x 4" 

"The news here and now is full of skyrocketing housing costs, of the mass evictions that make way for these increases, of the developments going up and the changes to the landscape that are coming, but soon the buildings will be finished, the stories will be replaced by a new set of stories, and what is now in transition will simply be fact." -Annemarie Munn, Deconstruction/Construction

Deconstruction/Construction addresses themes of change, growth, and destruction in San Francisco. It looks at the way that physical and social aspects of space inform each other. Telling the story of the Hayes Valley Farm, erected in 2010, the book reflects on the intense economic and population-density growth within the city of San Francisco, during which concepts of “useful” or “social” space shifted. It fights the erasure of rapid change by reflecting on the history of spaces as they are rapidly transformed.