Emory Douglas
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Illustration by Emory Douglas Book design by Michael Bartalos and Lili Ong. The book production was coordinated by Rhiannon Alpers with printing and binding assistance of SFCB volunteers and interns.


The book is 4 pages with 1 continuos illustration Edition of 100, published in 2009. The imagery for this edition was initially a painting by Mr. Douglas' which was then translated into a 2 color, letterpress graphic. The pages of the book are a one-sided, accordion fold piece. The folded cover is made of Amate bark with hand-spun hemp and silk thread and letterpress printed in 2 colors with interior colophon page attached.


Emory Douglas describes, "The content of my Imprint publication deals with the subject of reparations and slavery with each abstract designed figure chained together making up the word, REPARATIONS."

This featured artist, Emory Douglas, is renowned for his iconic representations of the Black Panther Party through his work the Party's Minister of Culture. For decades, he communicated the power and charisma of the movement through his compellingly straightforward graphic style. Recently, his work has been celebrated and displayed at the New Museum in New York City, the Museum for Contemporary Art in Los Angeles as well as in England at the URBIS Exhibition. In conjunction with his New York show, he worked with youth to design and paint a mural in Harlem titled "What We Want, What We Believe".