Wish List

Wish List

The San Francisco Center for the Book moved to a new home on January 15, 2013. With more space, we can teach more classes, mount additional exhibitions and offer additional public programming. We have a "Wish List" of items for our new home – everything from track lighting for the gallery, a steam cleaner for our floors, a table for students to eat lunch outdoors, stools for the print studio and bindery, Mac Mini computers for use by staff and volunteers, recording equipment for video and sound to capture our lectures and artist interviews, banner stands for our off-site demonstations and books for the library. If you'd like to contribute to our mission of promoting the books arts by donating items from our "Amazon Wish List" please browse the list below. If you have any of these items and would like to make an in-kind donation, contact Jeff Thomas | jeff@sfcb.org

San Francisco Center for the Book Wish List

Stools for the Print Studio and Bindery

Stools at SF Center for the Book

Our Donation Wish List: Items in italics below are at the "top" of our list.

Print Studio:
Photopolymer Platemaker (with an exposure area of 11x17 or greater)
New monotype M & H Lead Type Foundry (We have a wishlist of type needed based on teacher recommendations) 
New monotype from Bixler Type Foundry (We have a wishlist of type needed based on teacher recommendations) 
Wood Type - any sizes and incomplete sets accepted
30x36" drying rack
Funds for glass suface tops 1/4" thivck and faceted that are 36" x 24"

Funds to purchase new pressing boards for the nipping presses
Funds to purchase task lighting for advanced bindery workshops
Wooden finishing presses 20 inches or smaller in good working order
Wooden standing or lying presses in good working order
Marble paring stones 8x10 inches or larger
Decorative Brass Finishing tools and wheels in good condition
Teflon bone folders
General funds to purchase bindery equipment for the new studios ($2500)

Adobe CS5.5 or 6 suite for 3 computers
Macbook Pro laptop computer
Mac Mini - 2011 or newer
Funds for SFCB library, storage buildout and archives shelving ($3,500)
General funds for office equipment and technology upgrades ($6,000)

Ship to: 375 Rhode Island, San Francisco, CA 94103

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