Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival 2018

Thank you to everyone who made this such a spectacular event!

A special and warm shout out of gratitude to our Featured Artists (Rik Olson, Alisa Golden, Erin McAdams, and Patricia Wakida), Volunteers, Sponsors, and Vendors.

Click below to see a short clip of each Featured Artist's print being pulled.

Rik Olson

Alisa Golden

Erin McAdams

Patricia Wakida

Save the date for next year: Sunday, September 22, 2019

About the Festival

The San Francisco Center for the Book’s 15th Annual Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival, held on Sunday, September 23, was a day-long public printmaking and book arts extravaganza that included free hands-on printmaking and book arts activities, demonstrations, 50 arts and crafts vendors, art gallery and studio tours, and more.

Click here to watch a Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival video put together by Gawker Media's popular design and technology blog, Gizmodo.

About Steamroller Printing

With roots going back hundreds of years, relief printing -- a process where a protruding surface is inked and brought into contact with paper - is one of the oldest methods of printing illustrations in books.

During the Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival we celebrate this facet of book arts history in the biggest, over-the-top, spectacular way we can think of: by printing linocuts using a 7-ton 1924 Buffalo Springfield steamroller -- provided by Roots of Motive Power - combined with the road surface of Rhode Island Street as an enormous makeshift printing press. In this way a team of featured artists, printers and steamroller operators create large-scale Featured Artist prints and smaller Personal Prints Artists prints, during the Festival.

The resulting "Featured Artists Roadworks" prints are then sold for $500 (3'x3') and Roadworks "Roadworks 'Personal Prints' Artists'" prints are sold for $40 each as a fundraising activity to benefit San Francisco Center for the Book. Thank you in advance for your support!

The Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival has become a popular tradition in the Do.Re.Mi (Dogpatch-Potrero-Hill-Mission) Arts District of San Francisco, that attracts art, printmaking and book art enthusiasts of all ages, including adults and kids, from far and wide.

Roadworks Featured Artists

Each year San Francisco Center for the Book selects artists and invites them to be Featured Artists at Roadworks. These artists are provided with a 3' x 3' piece of "Battleship Linoleum" and are asked to create a linocut from it to be printed at the Festival. This year the steamroller printing of linocuts by four artists were the central attraction of the event: Alisa Golden :: Erin McAdams :: Rik Olson :: Patricia Wakida

Roadworks "Personal Prints" Artists

Janis Anton :: Brian & Samuel Ball :: Carley Biblin :: Avery Biskup :: Tanya Both :: Anna Branning :: Carie Brodeau :: Jose Ramirez Calamateo :: Robert Carpenter :: Alex Chao :: Jess Cohen :: Kelsey Cook :: Heather Cottingham :: Emily Dezuirck-Badran :: Phoebe Diamond :: Winnie Ding :: Michael Ferguson :: Lori Foster :: Adrian Hern :: Anna Homchick :: Keahilani Kam :: Orlie Kapitulnik :: John Kulikoff :: Brian Kyle :: Shannon Morris Lawson :: Karen Leung :: JiaJing Liu :: Yiying Lu :: Summer Makovkin :: Bridget McGraw :: Ann Miller :: Mary Mortimer :: Mara Murphy :: Lauren Paquette Owenmark :: Patty Owyang :: Catherine Paddock :: Jennifer Paisley :: Jeni Paltiel :: Celina Paul :: Eric Rewitzer :: Annie Roach :: Karl Rosseler :: Andrew Rothfusz :: Mana Roy :: Margaret Schlatter :: Daniel Segura :: Kelly Tanita :: Anjelica Vance :: Stephen Vance :: Kate Wong :: Nina Eve Zeininger 


Volunteers receive free beverages, snacks, our great appreciation and our new limited edition Roadworks T-shirt, which is designed by Award-winning Artist Yiying Lu, who also created the Dumpling Emoji and the Iconic Twitter Fail Whale.


3 Fish Studios :: 3 L's :: Accardi Book Arts :: Anino Press :: Arch Art Supplies :: Boarding All Rows :: Cameron Forsley Art :: Circle A Studio :: Cloudship Creative :: Coffee n Cream Press :: Dandy Lion Press :: Dependable Letterpress, Inc. :: Dutch Poet Press :: Erin McAdams :: Fly by Night Gifts :: Found Object Art :: GinaVisione :: Graphic Arts Workshop :: Green Circle Studio :: In Cahoots Residency :: M & H Type :: Manticore Press :: neon sprinkles studio :: Never Mind the Press :: North Bay Letterpress Arts :: Object Found :: Penelope Anstruther & Drew Grasso :: Peter Baczek :: Phiosuwan :: posTTASKA :: Quite Contrary Press :: Raven Press :: Recover Your Thoughts :: Rik Olsen Illustration :: San Jose Printers' Guild :: The Box SF :: The Lords of Print :: Wasabi Press :: Whistle Key Books


Many thanks to our event sponsors:


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the 2019 Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival, contact us at and be sure to put "2019 Roadworks - Sponsor" in the subject line of the email.


The Center of a Book from Joshua Moore on Vimeo.