Sideshow (2011)

Rigel Stuhmiller
Sideshow (2011)
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"Sideshow" is a three color letterpress printed 2-sided accordion fold book by artist Rigel Stuhmiller. The book follows the rise and fall of a vintage fictional circus. The format of the book, 11 double-sided pages, uses two storytelling channels to mimic the duplicity of a performance. Bright circus poster image on the front side of the page are the show presented to the audience. The back sides of the pages are the behind-the-scenes perspective: newspaper clippings, notes, and various ephemera that tell the story of the lives of the people who create the performance.

Rigel Stuhmiller is a Bay Area artist working in printmaking, illustration, design, and storyboarding.  Rigel is participating in the 2011 Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival as a 3'x3' Featured Artist. When she isn't making art, Rigel enjoys playing soccer, hunting for mushrooms, and eating her vegetables.