Visiting SFCB :: Health and Safety Plan

Schedule an appointment to visit SFCB's gallery

Arriving at SFCB for scheduled gallery appointments:

(updated 03.05.21)

  • All timed entry appointments to SFCB’s exhibition gallery must be arranged in advance through Eventbrite; walk up / drop in appointments are not allowed at this time. Patrons are required to check in with a staff member when they arrive and sign in at the time of arrival in order to confirm their ticketed appointment. Sign in materials (pens, clipboard, ect.) are cleaned/sanitized in between scheduled appointments. Should you arrive without an appointment, you may be asked to wait until scheduled visitors have completed their visit.

  • Upon arrival, scheduled visitors will be checked in, verbally instructed in social distance protocols while onsite, and directed to SFCB’s gallery / studio space. Visitors are also verbally told the location of hand sanitizing stations and restrooms in the gallery / studio space. Signage stating San Francisco city and county social distancing protocols are posted throughout the building for visitor reference.

  • Timed entry for a limited number of patrons to our exhibition space ensures that social distancing protocols are maintained. Patrons have a limited amount of time per visit (50 minutes); all high touch areas are cleaned/sanitized when visitors exit the building. Signage related to social distancing protocols is visible in all common areas. Print studio areas have metered attendance and strict social distancing protocols.

  • Scheduled visitors will be kept moving through the exhibition space and the facility at all times; if needed, SFCB staff will remind patrons to socially distance from each other and SFCB staff.

  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed onsite at SFCB. Visitors are not allowed to bring large bags/backpacks/purses onsite at this time.

  •  SFCB's normal capacity is 125 persons including staff. Due to Covid19, we will cap the total occupancy at 12 persons including staff. 2-3 visitors are allowed per scheduled visit; scheduled visitors must be from the same household or "pod".

Onsite retail:

Two visitors at a time will be allowed in SFCB's retail area; facial coverings are required and social distancing protocols must be maintained. Cashier will clean/disinfect iPad, surfaces, and any additional items used during visitor interactions. Visitors are encouraged to use contactless shopping when possible.


SFCB Personnel safety precautions:

The following sanitary measures have been put in place by SFCB staff in order to protect the health and safety of visitors:

  • SFCB staff are required to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or use hand sanitizer when arriving to work, when entering or exiting a common area, after moving around the facility, and before returning to the work station

  • SFCB staff are required to wear a face covering at all times while at work unless exempted by Health Officer Order No. C19-12c

  • SFCB staff have access to additional cleaning supplies in order to sanitize areas between janitorial sweeps

  • SFCB staff are required to maintain social distance at all times

  • SFCB staff are prohibited from sharing computers, phones, or other equipment

  • SFCB staff have installed shields where social distancing can’t be maintained or physical barriers as visual reminders to maintain social distancing where it is possible

  • SFCB staff encourages the use of contactless payment systems if purchasing items onsite

SFCB staff and personnel are required to wear facial coverings at all times when onsite. Facial covering will be provided by SFCB, should staff or personnel arrive onsite without required face covering.

SFCB's website and social media feed(s) will post and maintain instructions regarding SFCB actions related to social distancing protocols (including wearing of facial coverings) and the cleaning/disinfecting of facilities.

At time of registration/appointment booking, social distancing/facial covering protocols will be outlined for patrons intending to visit SFCB. Upon arrival, patrons will be verbally reminded of onsite social distancing protocols. Patrons arriving onsite at SFCB without the required facial coverings will be given a free face covering for use during their visit. Should patrons refuse to wear a facial covering, SFCB staff reserves the right to deny entry to San Francisco Center for the Book.

Increasing airflow / HVAC systems onsite at SFCB:

The San Francisco Center for the Book facility is an open plan space with high ceilings (most greater than 20’ high). The ventilation and air flow throughout the building is regulated with ceiling fans and roof-mounted turbine ventilators. Additional windows, portable fans, and air purifiers increase fresh air flow and ventilation throughout the building. Recent PPE equipment purchases include a HEPA filter air purifier specifically for indoor spaces, when more than one person is onsite.

Cleaning / disinfecting of common spaces and restrooms:

Common spaces/high touch surfaces:

The following high touch areas/surfaces will be cleaned with soap and water and disinfected with Lysol (or similar) at the beginning of each work day by staff:

  • Entry door handles

  • Restroom door / sink / toilet handles 

  • Tabletops / writing implements / clipboards located at Check In desk

Restrooms: Two restrooms in the main studio room of SFCB will be available for visitor use. Restrooms are cleaned with soap and water and disinfected with Lysol (or similar) at the end of each work day by staff. Doors to all restrooms will be left open overnight after disinfecting. C-fold paper towels will be available for any guests.

Lightswitch plates, soap dispensers, faucets/knobs, and toilet handles are included in end-of-day cleaning/disinfecting protocols and cleaned after each scheduled visitor appointment.