glean, gather, group: Jody Alexander and the Santa Cruz SCRAP residency

glean, gather, group: Jody Alexander and the Santa Cruz SCRAP residency

Thursday, February 13, 2020, 6-8 pm :: program begins at 6:30 pm

San Francisco Center for the Book, 375 Rhode Island Street, SF. CA. 94103

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Jody's recent residency at the Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Facility (a.k.a the dump) resulted in her installation titled "out in the distance there is a glow". This installation consists of the workspace and personal library of a fictional character of Jody's own creation who is responding to the time in which he lives. This character's story emerged as Jody worked with found materials gleaned from the recovery facility. Exploring the idea of rescuing or gathering cast off items, Jody's installation gathers together physical objects that speak directly to each other, creating a shared history and narrative that previously didn't exist. Jody will show images from her experience and discuss the challenges and benefits of working in such an environment. A portion of the library will also be present and on view.

Bio: Jody Alexander is an artist, bookbinder, librarian and teacher who lives and works in Santa Cruz, California. She combines textiles and found objects with discarded books, and gives them new life as scrolls, wall pieces, books, sculptural objects and installations. Her current work is inspired by the art of repair, mending techniques, and reuse. In 2019, Jody was one of six artists selected for the SCRAP Residency Program at the Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Facility. She is the 2015 recipient of the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship. Her work appears in a number of publications including Masters: Book Arts: Major Works by Leading Artists, 500 Handmade Books (Vol. I & II), and 1000 Artists’ Books: Exploring the Book as Art. You can follow her work at