Clockwerk Men Before Enlightenment: A Lecture with Timothy Ely

May 4th, 2012 7:00 PM

Join us for a lecture with visiting bookbinder Timothy Ely. The lecture will include an overview of Ely's books and influences, with a focus on technical information on the formation of the books.

Timothy C. Ely is an artist living in Colfax, WA, formerly in Portland, OR and New York City. He makes unique manuscript books that are lavishly painted and drawn visual narratives, often including maps, cribriform writing, odd arcana, and are about such topics as natural sciences, mathematics, architecture, and sacred geometry. He is influenced by comic books, Steam Punk design and the study of history, religion, and sociological and psychological phenomena. The works often include soil, sand, and other detritus from pertinent sites around the globe, metals, pigments, textiles, inks, resins, and wax. In addition to these works, he is a printmaker and develops 21st century bookbinding tools and equipment such as the Planetary Collage Dreadnaught and Scout sewing frames. Magnito box building blocks, a nipping press, and a finishing press are currently in the works. His work is in library special collections and private collections worldwide.