A Wardrobe of Paper Cases online workshop

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$ 120.00

October 13th, 2021 3:00 PM

  • Instructor: Karen Hanmer
  • Workshop Type: Binding
  • Workshop Status: Wait-list
  • Workshop Start: October 13th, 2021 3:00 PM
  • Workshop End: October 13th, 2021 6:00 PM
  • Sessions: 1
  • In-person or Online?: Online

This is a single-session online workshop.

We will quickly construct a text block using a very speedy sewing technique. This will free up the remainder of our time together to concentrate on folding a variety of paper cases to dress this text block ”mannequin”. The result will be a reference model of one textblock and four paper cases; students will not end the class with a "finished" book.

As each case is presented, suggestions will be given on appropriate sewing techniques and endsheet constructions for that particular structure. All structures are low or no adhesive. All can be constructed in a sparsely-equipped home studio with minimal specialized equipment.

Please note, these are paper cases, i.e. covers, not slipcases or other book enclosures.

This workshop is appropriate for intermediate binders, beginners who are ready for a fast-paced workout and are comfortable with online learning, and anyone who wants to add more paper cases to their repertoire. Class will move quickly!

The workshop fee includes a kit containing all papers and thread required to make one textblock and four different paper cases.

Materials to Bring:

Class kit mailed to you from SFCB (see details above)


  • PVA
  • Bone folder, preferably with a narrower tip so it can be used for precise scoring
  • Beeswax for sewing 
  • Bookbinding needle, two of them (I like the #18 John James bookbinding needle)
  • Awl
  • Cutting mat, 12x18" would be ideal
  • 18" straightedge or ruler that can be cut against
  • Smaller straightedge, 8 to 12” long
  • Scalpel, Olfa or X-Acto knife with a fresh blade
  • Scissors
  • Small glue brush
  • Dividers; Talas #TTB033004 or similar
  • “paper rulers” strips of 1/2” wide to use for quick measuring when ruler is awkward or unnecessary 
  • pencil


  • Punching cradle (instructions to make one here)
  • A small piece of non-skid shelf mat to casually anchor the text block to the bench for unsupported sewing 
  • Finishing press OR scrap board to put around the text block while gluing up


  • Small 30/60/90 degree triangle
  • Small 90/45/45 degree triangle
  • Square with base, Talas #TTB041001, or some device to keep text block square
  • Spacer, 1/4" x at least 8"
  • Whatever tools not on this list you always find useful

Workshop Fee (includes mailed kit): $120
Scholarships available; click here to apply

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 :: 3-6pm Pacific time

Location: Online over Zoom

Please read over the SFCB Registration Policies before signing up for a class.


About the Instructor | Karen Hanmer

Karen Hanmer’s artist-made books are physical manifestations of personal essays intertwining history, culture, politics, science and technology. She utilizes both traditional and contemporary book structures, and the work is often playful in content or format. Hanmer’s work is included in collections ranging from The British Library and the Library of Congress to Stanford University and Graceland. She has served on the editorial board of The Bonefolder, as Exhibitions Chair for the Guild of Book Workers, and as frequent exhibition curator and juror. She offers workshops and private instruction focusing on a solid foundation in traditional binding skills.

Past Student Reviews:

“I really like Karen and hope there will be more classes with her. Her talents are wonderful! She has a quirky sense of humor, which is especially appreciated since we struggle sometimes to understand next steps on the Zoom classes. She is adaptable and tries to help each student."

“She's a very organized, knowledgeable teacher who takes the time to share detailed information without turning the class into a tedious slog.”

“Karen was great. I would consider taking another class from her even if I wasn't particularly excited about the topic.”

“Karen is an amazing no nonsense teacher with incredible skills and great teaching techniques.”  

$ 120.00
Online via Zoom
United States