Intro to Blind and Gold Tooling online workshop

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$ 475.00

September 9th, 2021 4:00 PM

  • Instructor: Samuel Feinstein
  • Workshop Type: Binding
  • Workshop Status: Wait-list
  • Workshop Start: September 9th, 2021 4:00 PM
  • Workshop End: September 30th, 2021 7:00 PM
  • Sessions: 4
  • In-person or Online?: Online

This workshop meets on four Thursdays: September 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2021, 4-7pm Pacific time.

In this four session online course, students will learn the fundamentals of blind and gold tooling on leather using two simple brass tools - a line and a dot - that when combined form the foundations of many traditional and contemporary designs. This class will build a solid foundation for further practice.

Students will start by making blind impressions, then learn to precisely apply shellac glaire and tool with gold in a methodical and repeatable manner. Gold leaf can be tricky to handle, and significant time will be spent demonstrating proper techniques in handling gold, using finishing tools, having correct posture, and understanding the ideas behind these kinds of decorative leatherwork.

Four class sessions will allow ample time for demonstrations, Q&A, and in-class work time. Breakout rooms will be used to give each student one-on-one time with the instructor, allowing for personalized feedback. A thorough handout will be provided.

Please note: This class is a modified version of the instructor's multi-day intensive tooling course, intended to instill good habits through repetition. Students will be expected to execute some homework between sessions. Previous bookbinding experience is preferred but not required.

The course fee includes an extensive kit containing: one brass line pallet tool, one brass dot tool, three leather plaquettes (Harmatan fine leather), a tooling sample, one booklet Manetti dukaten double gold 23.5k leaf, bottle of shellac glaire, tool polishing pad, cooling pad, pumice, cheesecloth, manicure stick, extra cotton pads.

There are additional materials that students will need to source, see below for details.

Because of complications with international shipping, non-US students must email before enrolling.

Materials to Bring: 

Mailed kit (see description of contents above)

Students must also supply:

  • Inexpensive electric burner, for example
  • Gold cushion, for example (However, the instructor strongly recommends making your own, as it will be cheaper and better than any pre-fab gold cushion. Instructions will be emailed after student registration)
  • Gold knife, for example Sepp item GK/S (Recommend you call to place order)
  • Rapidograph pen .60 or inexpensive 00 paintbrush
  • Ronsonol or Zippo brands lighter fluid (best purchased from a local hardware store rather than online; not BBQ lighter fluid)
  • Vaseline (a 1.75oz container will last a long time, find it in the travel aisle at your pharmacy)
  • Plastic triangle with no inking edge, for example
  • Thin, pointed bone folder 
  • Spring dividers
  • Cotton balls (ideally triple size)
  • Shallow dish with water to fit cooling pad
  • Pencil and notebook for personal notetaking

Students will be welcome to bring/incorporate any of their own personal tools but the class exercises will all be executable with the supplied line and dot tools.

Workshop Fee: $475

Date & Time: 4 Thursdays :: September 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2021 :: 4-7pm Pacific time

Location: Online over Zoom. All workshops are recorded; video will be available for four weeks.

Please read over the SFCB Registration Policies before signing up for a class.


About the Instructor | Samuel Feinstein

Samuel Feinstein trained formally at the North Bennet Street School program under Jeff Altepeter and Martha Kearsley. Since graduating in 2012 he has been in private practice specializing in fine bindings, luxury clamshell boxes, new bindings in period style, and gold finishing for other binders. His work can be seen on his website:

Past Student Reviews:

“Sam is an excellent instructor and an amazing finisher.  The class exceeded my expectations of what is possible to do over zoom."

“Was broken down week by week, so it gave us enough time to practice. Sam was a great instructor, very helpful!"

“Sam was great with the feedback in the small breakout rooms. This is very delicate work and I felt encouraged to keep practicing and not give up. I think that as a teacher he was great at showing us the steps, responding to questions, and in particular, giving us an idea of what to do after the class to improve and move forward with this work.”

$ 475.00
Online via Zoom
United States