Decorative Typesetting

$ 360.00

March 1st, 2020 9:30 AM

  • Instructor: Brian Lieske
  • Workshop Type: Printing
  • Workshop Status: Open
  • Workshop Start: March 1st, 2020 9:30 AM
  • Workshop End: March 15th, 2020 5:30 PM
  • Sessions: 2

While all students will be working from the same set text, each participant will complete an individual edition of ten copies of the whole book (if you wish to work together or are enrolling as a group, you are welcome to do so; two people working together would produce an edition of 20, etc.).

Techniques covered will include:
-Inserting drop caps
-Pull quotes
-Oversize type and bleeds
-Combining different size type
-Color splitting and mixing on the press
-Constructing images from type elements

The focus of this class is on complex typesetting. All of your type needs to be ready at the start of the second meeting. Prior to the first meeting, you will be provided with the copy and a page breakdown of a short book consisting of an excerpt from a classic text. This text will printed and waiting on the first day of class.

In addition to the illustrations, students will fully design and set a colophon for their edition. This may be as brief or extensive as you wish.

The first meeting will start with a discussion and refining of your design plan and laying out how you can achieve it. Based on the design ideas, we’ll spend the middle part of the day demonstrating and reviewing the techniques described above. Proofs will be pulled betwee type between the demos. As we work through the end of the first day we’ll develop a plan for completing typesetting. Day one will close with a discussion about color. 

The second class will focus on printing moving from light to dark colors on press as the class progresses. The latter part of the second class will be for clean up and the distribution of your type. If you have a great deal of type set and can’t complete the distribution by the
end of class, you must place a deposit with the Center and return to distribute your type. Class will end with trimming and binding the editions.

 *Please note, you should plan on spending additional time at SFCB outside the class meetings. 

Pre-requisite: Cylinder Cores 1 & 2 or similiar letterpress training.

Materials to Bring: You should come to the first class with at least a basic concept of how you want to approach illuminating the text. You’re encouraged to bring a fairly developed idea of what you want to do, but be aware that you will need to remain flexible about the execution throughout as we will be working with the type and equipment available in the SFCB print shop.

Workshop Fee (includes $20 materials fee): $360.00

Date & Time: Sundays, March 1 & 15*, 2020 :: 9:30am-5:30pm

*Gap between workshop sessions is intentional to provide students with more time outside of class to work on projects.

Location: 375 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Note: Please read over the SFCB Registration Policies before signing up for a class


About the Instructor | Brian Lieske

Brian wandered into SFCB several years ago and continues to haunt the place. He completed both the bookbinding and letterpress cores as well as several of the summer historic structure classes. He enjoys making fully hand-sewn books and still fights to not over-tighten his kettle stitches. He’s lived in San Francisco for more than 20 years having arrived shortly after completing an MFA at the University of Texas at Austin.

Past Student Reviews:

[What did you like most about the workshop?] “Loved Brian's patient explanations of each step of the process.”

“Thanks Brian! A wonderful class :)”

“Friendly and encouraging.”

$ 360.00
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