Ronde Cursive Script :: An Informal Hand

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$ 175.00

June 21st, 2019 9:30 AM

  • Instructor: Ann Miller
  • Workshop Type: Arts
  • Workshop Status: Closed
  • Workshop Start: June 21st, 2019 9:30 AM
  • Workshop End: June 21st, 2019 5:30 PM
  • Sessions: 1

This one-day workshop introduces an easy-to-learn, modern day script based on a late 16th century upright calligraphy hand. Ronde is done with a broad edged metal pen, is highly adaptable to present day needs and can be done with a fountain pen or marker. Students will be able to explore various modifications of this script throughout the day. More round in shape than Italic, it is cursive, connected, broad-edged, and lends itself to rhythmic writing methods. 

The instructor will lead students through ruling a page with guidelines and practicing the letters. Once comfortable with the alphabet there will be experiments with the various ways of using this hand with a series of demonstrations and design exercises. 

This workshop offers a writing hand that is very adaptable to all digital media. Once you know the structure, you can write it with your finger, stylus, or invented tool.

Materials to Bring: Your favorite medium sized broad edged pens (Speedball C-2, C-3, or C-4 nib or similar Brause nibs); optional Pilot Parallel Pen (1.5mm, 2.4mm or 3.8mm) with your choice of ink; non-waterproof black ink, sumi and/or walnut ink; Strathmore 400 or other drawing paper pad or Bristol Paper, Cotton Comp Layout Paper, or other Layout Bond or paper suitable for ink/wet media, colored Pencils (optional); drawing kit: small palette, water container, #2 pencil, eraser, blade, T-square, ruler, rags, etc. If you like to work in color bring walnut ink or gouache.

Workshop Fee (includes $10 materials fee): $175.00

Date & Time: Friday, June 21, 2019 :: 9:30am-5:30pm

Location: 375 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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About the Instructor | Ann Miller

Ann Miller, AB, AM Stanford University, studied painting and lithography with artists Richard Diebenkorn and Nathan Oliveira and has taught art and art history classes at Stanford, University of Santa Clara, San Mateo Community College district, and in local guilds and arts venues. In 1979 she founded M2 Design for calligraphy and design. In 2002 she authored two courses in calligraphy and letterform at Academy of Art University and is currently writing a new course covering logo, font, and lettering for illustrators.

Her calligraphy has been published in Letter Arts Review and Bound & Lettered, and Alphabet, and her book titles for Protean Press can be found in the Harrison Collection at San Francisco Main Library. Her art is in public and private collections and has been widely exhibited. She created of a series of large calligraphy murals for the City of Belmont's new public library and a 12-foot long family tree scroll for actress Brooke Shields for the NBC television series “Who do you think you are?” Visit Ann at

Past Student Reviews:

 “Instructor was well prepared. The handouts were informative and useful. Good pace of instruction vs practice.”

“Great class. Lovely script!”

[What I liked most] “Two things: (1) Ann as a teacher. She was patient and had a sense of humor, didn't take things too seriously. She was encouraging but also gave constructive feedback. (2) Learning not only the script but ways we could use the script.”

“Really liked Ann. She was patient and didn't take things too seriously -- she knew that like any other type of art, lettering can take different forms and be stretched in different ways. Also a great resource regarding supplies and materials.”

$ 175.00
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103-5133
United States