Experimental Calligraphy :: Hand Embossing

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July 28th, 2017 9:30 AM

  • Instructor: Ann Miller
  • Workshop Type: Arts
  • Workshop Status: Open
  • Workshop Start: July 28th, 2017 9:30 AM
  • Workshop End: July 28th, 2017 5:30 PM
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Hand embossing is fun and simple to learn. Written words or drawn images on a page are enhanced by combining with an embossed image or letterform. As simple a thing as a shape placed in harmony with a letterpress printed initial can transform a page. Used with calligraphy and lettering, color washes, and layering of materials, the results can be impressive. The same template can be used repeatedly, in whole or in part. The possibilities are endless!

With their favorite large writing tool and ink, students will take time to create a simple design for the template, such as an initial letter or short word. The instructor will assist each student with design tips on the lettering. Far beyond the word on the page, blind embossing introduces the third dimension to your work, a bas-relief that plays with light and shadow and subtly strengthens the composition, creating a dialogue between elements that deepens the meaning. Embossing can often be used to create that final contrast and balancing element for an unfinished or unresolved piece. 

The embossing templates created in class can be reused for book plate editions, special cards or stationery, or in combination with a letterpress edition. Wrap your mind around that! You can take a stack of unresolved prints, drafts or drawings and look at them with fresh potential and bring them in to add some embossing!

Materials to Bring: Gouache: one color (black) is enough; calligraphy tools that you would like to work with in larger sizes, for example: Automatic Pens, folded pens, ruling pens, 2 pencils put together, balsa wood (class demo); Some artistic paper: Fabriano Artistico or other handmade, thicker papers are great, such as Rives BFK or medium weight cold press paper. Soft papers are preferred; please bring some papers that you have already worked on that are lying in the unfinished pile, to develop for finished pieces, such as: paper covered with metal leaf, or some watercolor wash, one with some of your experimental calligraphy, a word or phrase, and one or two blank papers; sketch paper for practicing designs; tracing paper; 3B pencil; masking tape; ball burnisher or tool with small rounded tip; ideas of an initial letter or short word to be used for in-class projects; black ink non-waterproof, or sumi; broad-edged nibs in a variety of sizes (such as Brause or Mitchell); one or two pen holders; mixing brush; palette; notebook.

Optional and available at SFCB for student use during workshop: PVA adhesive, glue sticks, utility knife, pencil, ruler, scissors, self-healing cutting mat, water container, rags, paper towels.

Workshop + Materials Fee: $180.00

Date & Time: Friday, July 28, 2017 :: 9:30am-5:30pm

Location: 375 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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About the Instructor | Ann Miller

Ann Miller, AB, AM Stanford University, studied painting and lithography with artists Richard Diebenkorn and Nathan Oliveira and has taught art and art history classes at Stanford, University of Santa Clara, San Mateo Community College district, and in local guilds and arts venues. In 1979 she founded M2 Design for calligraphy and design. In 2002 she authored two courses in calligraphy and letterform at Academy of Art University and is currently writing a new course covering logo, font, and lettering for illustrators.

Her calligraphy has been published in Letter Arts Review and Bound & Lettered, and Alphabet, and her book titles for Protean Press can be found in the Harrison Collection at San Francisco Main Library. Her art is in public and private collections and has been widely exhibited. She created of a series of large calligraphy murals for the City of Belmont's new public library and a 12-foot long family tree scroll for actress Brooke Shields for the NBC television series “Who do you think you are?” Visit Ann at http://www.pennib.com.

Past Student Reviews:

“I very much like Ann Miller's approach to calligraphy and art. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill and is an excellent teacher."

“Ann was very generous with her expertise.”

“I appreciated her humor, and overall mastery of her art.” 


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