Letterpress Printing on a Vandercook Cylinder Press PLUS: Core Curriculum

Learn letterpress printing on a Vandercook Cylinder Press with expert printer Mary Laird at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Letterpress Printing on a Vandercook Cylinder Press PLUS: Core Curriculum

This weeklong workshop,covers typesetting and printing on a Vandercook cylinder press using metal type, wood type, and photopolymer plates. You will have the opportunity to work on your own projects as well as create collaborative works with other students. You will learn advanced typesetting and press lock-up, how to print on dry and damp paper, ink mixing, multiple-color registration, and the basics of press mechanics. After this workshop you will be qualified to rent SFCB’s Vandercook presses.

Register for this class at http://sfcb.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=828

Learn to print using Vandercook Presses

Letterpress Printing on a Vandercook Cylinder Press is part of the SFCB Letterpress Certificate Program. To receive the Letterpress Certificate, students must complete Letterpress Printing on a Vandercook Cylinder Press, Photopolymer Platemaking Lab and Advanced Letterpress: Production Printing.

Advantages of participating in the SFCB Letterpress Certificate Program:
• Access to the best letterpress facilities and instructors on the West Coast;
• Collaboration and interaction with other eager letterpress students;
• Knowledge of the essentials of traditional letterpress printing;
• A beautiful letterpress-printed completion certificate;
• Discounts on class registration and studio rental for certificate holders and students enrolled in the certificate program;
• Five hours of free studio rental;
• Opportunity to participate in exhibitions in the Austin/Burch Gallery;
• The satisfaction of knowing how to make to make a darn good letterpress print!

Find out more about San Francisco Center for the Book’s Letterpress Printing Certificate Program at https://sfcb.org/workshops/certificate-program

Expert Printer Mary Laird with Students

Mary Laird is a member of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Center for the Book, a popular SFCB instructor and a talented book artist and printer. She earned her MFA from University of Wisconsin at Madison where she and Walter hamady ran the legendary Perishable Press limited together for 15 years. She has been printing letterpress as Quelquefois Press since 1969, and has taught at San Francisco State University, Naropa University, San Francisco Center for the Book, and in her Berkeley studio.

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