Unscannable Books by Jasmine Raznahan

A truly excellent post follows on one artist’s response to e-books, the future of print, and making work. A gem. Enjoy! -Rocket

Jasmine Raznahan has created a small collection of unscannable books, “A structural exploration into book forms, created as a response to the destructive method of book scanning advocated by Google Books.” Much to my delight, she also has a project called Shit! My book’s run out of battery! Described as, “A touring one-day workshop concerning the future of print. Each participant is asked to produce a double page spread that ruthlessly focuses on one shortcoming on the physical book, in an attempt to engage with the next evolutionary step of publishing. Available to buy from Lulu.”

One of the things I enjoy about this project is how each piece makes me stop and think how it’s unscannable. Some, like the one directly above, are forms unlikely to happen to books by accident (at least with such an elegant and consistent curve), while others, like the one directly below, seems at first glance like a plausible shape for a book to be. A lot of book art highlights the different potentials of analog vs. digital media, but it’s more difficult to highlight a media’s limitations, no less in such an amusing way.

Discovered via Present and Correct.

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Naomi Bardoff
Naomi Bardoff
In 2010 Naomi Bardoff graduated from Bard College, where she majored in fine arts and studied watercolor, ink drawing, and book-making. She has also taken classes at the Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts. Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Naomi has been working on her illustration portfolio, working in offices, and volunteering and taking classes at the San Francisco Center for the Book. In addition to the SFCB blog, she blogs on her art blog, naomese - naomi bardoff's art blog; and pins to her Pinterest boards. Her own book work can be found on her website.

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