From the Library: Design & Style – 7: Bauhaus and the New Typography 1919 – 1933

Welcome to the second installment of From the Library. This gem was unearthed by Michaela, the other half of the Bennington Dream Team, during the library cataloging project. Also, did you know that you can visit the book art and design library at SFCB during our regular business hours? There is some incredible technical information and inspiration to be found, so stop on by.¬† Here’s Michaela’s pick:

Design & Style – 7: Bauhaus and the New Typography 1919 – 1933
Edited by Steven Heller

The seventh installment of Design & Style provides a comprehensive look into how the¬†Bauhaus school influenced typographical style. As you move from page to page you are provided with a visual time line of how Bauhaus students introduced the “New Typography”. The journal is multi-dimensional, equipped with interactive components, fold outs, and detailed explanations of each image. I’ve flipped through this issue countless times and I keep discovering amazing colors, typefaces, and images. Plus it’s interactive what could be better than that!
-Michaela Levin

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Rocket Caleshu
Rocket Caleshu
Rocket Caleshu is an instructor at SFCB, and a freelance letterpress printer.

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