Paper Space by Kota Ezawa

Happy new year! Our apologies for the radio silence- it’s been a busy new year. Conveniently, we have the best reason possible for our absence: we’ve been making books.

Last Thursday saw the release of our latest Imprint Artist-in-Residence edition: Paper Space, by the esteemed artist Kota Ezawa at Haines Gallery. A four-page pop-up book, this edition is a feat of paper cutting and collage, and perhaps our most involved edition to date.

The challenge of gluing tiny eyebrows onto paper cut faces at exactly the correct angle is an impressive skill now held by a number of our dedicated volunteers and interns. This book, above all, has allowed (well, required) us to cultivate fine skill paper cutters and collage-makers. When Kota Ezawa approached us with the project, we knew it would be a serious challenge to undertake with serious rewards. And we are so happy we did. A primary goal of our Imprint Artist-in-Residence program is to elevate the stature of the artists’ book as a viable contemporary art form. This book is representative of the meeting of numerous techniques and forms, and is a true testament to the continued impact of the book as art form.

In the words of Imprint Manager Rhiannon Alpers, “This book breaks the barriers of paper cutting and collage.” It features intentional collage using only solid color paper shapes, and explores “editioned collage as contemporary art form.”

Kota Ezawa will be speaking on the making of this edition tomorrow, Friday January 20, from 7-9pm here at SFCB. Please join us! And click here to learn more about purchasing the edition.

And now we sign off with a few process pictures from the making of Paper Space.

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Rocket Caleshu
Rocket Caleshu
Rocket Caleshu is an instructor at SFCB, and a freelance letterpress printer.

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