A Book, A Book!

 My first multi-section hard cover book, finished!

I have been in love with books since before I could read (Harold and the Purple Crayon, anyone?), and I’m always making simple books and zines but I had never made a ‘real’ book. You know, one with multiple sections and a hard, cloth wrapped cover and spine? So, a few weeks ago I enrolled in a Beginning Bookbinding workshop at the San Francisco Center for the Book.


Over the course of 8 weeks, led by our fearless instructor, Juliayn Coleman, my classmates and I will make 4 hard cover, multi-section books, learning different covering, binding and sewing techniques for each book.

Our first book was a bit of a challenge, especially since I’m super clumsy and messy therefore have a fear of glue (and a fear of getting it all over everything). I quickly found out I had nothing to worry about and was well on my way to making my first book.

On the third night, we began our second book. It was going to be another multi-section book but this time we sewed over tapes. Tapes are actually pieces of fabric in a lovely grey; I thought it was a shame you never get to see the tapes when the book is finished but, alas, that is how it’s done.  We finished this book on the fourth session and we have just begun our third book which, rumor has it, is a binding in the style of heavy duty Victorian hard covers, I can’t wait to finish it!

To see more pictures and view the complete post, visit my blog, Things I Make and Find.

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Nina Eve has been obsessed with books since receiving Harold and the Purple Crayon as a child before she knew how to read. While receiving her BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute she took as many book and printmaking classes as possible. She now spends her time working as the Project Coordinator at SFCB, making and selling her printed and bookish wares, and learning French.

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