Jonathan Callan

More great book sculptures, these by Jonathan Callan. He doesn’t seem to have his own website, but more photos of his work and information can be found on the site for the gallery that represents him. EDIT: That gallery no longer represents Callan. It is Kudlek van der Grinten, which has more (and more up to date) images.

From a press release on that site:

By altering and combining a vast assortment of books, maps, isolated texts, photographs, and other source material, Jonathan Callan explores “the relationship of disembodied knowledge to embodied experience.” The results are often surprisingly beautiful experiments in alchemy, all the more surprising given the violence of his techniques, which can include punching objects with tools and applying corrosive agents.

And from another:

Callan describes how the objects he alters are simply victims of whatever process he is playing with on a particular day. A discarded book or toy cowering in the corner of his studio is suddenly transformed into a work of art as Callan cuts, scratches, folds and punches the surface until the original form is barely recognizable. “I’m very self-consciously treating almost every book as an object first and foremost…. I almost don’t care what the book is about. It’s almost as if I’m interested in doing something to the book as an object to emphasize the fact that language is incapable of dealing with certain aspects of life.”

Through his process, which often verges on the obsessive, Callan has developed a system of inquiry, which both drives the work and generates meaning. According to Allington, “he is responsible for his own methods, but not for the meanings, or at least not in their entirety as they are a consequence of his process.” For the artist, this laborious method of deconstruction is not only a point of inquiry, but also “a fantastic way of setting a thing up where you know that every second has been dealt with, almost nothing has been wasted. The aspect of process I am interested in, I suppose, is how it might apply to my understanding of time.”

Discovered via Design Boom.

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Naomi Bardoff
Naomi Bardoff
In 2010 Naomi Bardoff graduated from Bard College, where she majored in fine arts and studied watercolor, ink drawing, and book-making. She has also taken classes at the Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts. Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Naomi has been working on her illustration portfolio, working in offices, and volunteering and taking classes at the San Francisco Center for the Book. In addition to the SFCB blog, she blogs on her art blog, naomese - naomi bardoff's art blog; and pins to her Pinterest boards. Her own book work can be found on her website.

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