Rik Olson, featured at Roadworks: A Steamroller Printing Festival 2011

SFCB is pleased to welcome back Rik Olson, illustrator and wood-engraving wizard, to his (and our) 8th Roadworks: A Steamroller Printing Festival.

Born in Antioch, Rik Olson received his BFA from the California College of the Arts. Having learned from masters Barry Moser, John DePol, Richard McLean, and Ralph Borge, Olson’s finely crafted skill is well known throughout the local and national printmaking communities. He has lived in Italy, Germany, and the U.S., all of which influence his diverse body of work. Now a resident of Sebastopol in Sonoma County, he lives with his wife, Brita, their two dogs, and a goldfish.

Rik’s intricate graphic illustrations include work in scratchboard, pen and ink, acrylics, linoleum cuts and other media. With a love for pushing the envelope, many of his illustrations capture classic images and themes while channeling new meaning, with an unrivaled attention to detail and color. ┬áIn a linocut print titled “Winter Persimmons,” the fruits glow a brilliant yellow-orange on a black-twigged branch against a sky fading from turquoise to spring green. The result is breathtaking; and yet, this is only a small sample of the vast array of work his portfolio holds.

His latest work has been focused on capturing the sprawling, rural charm of the Sonoma County countryside.

Olson’s work is on display at the Graton Gallery in Graton, CA and many other fine arts galleries. He also invites you to visit his open studio at ArTrails, an annual event in Sonoma County. Rik Olson will be featured in SFCB’s 8th Annual Roadworks: A Steamroller Printing Festival, with a limited edition 3 foot by 3 foot linoleum block cut.

For more samples of his work and more information, visit his website.

Rik Olson's giant linoleum cut for SFCB's Roadworks 2008

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Allie Washkin
Allie Washkin
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