Kyle Durrie & the Moveable Type Project

Editor’s note: We’re excited to introduce new SFCB blogger Allie Washkin, our most excellent communications intern, with this recap of the Moveable Type: Letterpress in a Studio/Truck event from this weekend. Welcome, Allie, we’re so pleased to have you on board as a contributor.

The sun and the presses were hot on Saturday here at SFCB with Kyle Durrie and her Moveable Type. Still in the early weeks of her journey, Kyle’s white delivery truck was sparkling clean, her perfectly kept beechwood drawers and bed built carefully into the walls and her small pink guitar hung up in the corner, perhaps for lonely nights on the open road. Though still settling in, “I hate to imagine what it’s going to look like at the end of the tour!” she said with a laugh.

Kyle Durrie poses in her newly renovated printing studio/sleeping area/hangout.

The small but eager crowds bustled throughout the day, keeping Kyle on her feet doing demos of her mid-20th century proof press and her 1870s platen press, allowing visitors to print their own little posters and business cards with smart sayings like, “You’re just my type” (ha!).

Having driven in from Reno a day before, she shared the excitement of discovering “a troupe of young, hip artists” within the gray, gambling city. Which made me realize that while spreading happiness and knowledge of the printing process, she is able to explore and encounter the many generations of ingenuity burrowing within our cities. How bohemian!

I toted with me to this fabulous event my friend Michael from Irvine. And almost as satisfying as my visit with Kyle was seeing how giddy he was the rest of the day, repeating, “That was just so awesome!” As writers, both Michael and I were transfixed by the ease of transferring word to paper with ink, old-school style. “What is great about printing is how the process bridges the gap between words and art, creating mixed media,” Kyle explained.

Kyle provided demos of both machines, then allowed visitors to do their own prints.

Not only Michael, but everyone who visited her Moveable Type, small prints in hand, was beaming, conversing about road trips and ink and new possibilities. Durrie’s printing feat definitely left an imprint on San Francisco, and we are proud here at SFCB to have been able to accommodate her. Thanks, Kyle! Wishing you happy & safe travels!

Using pushpins, Kyle will track each of her stops on a giant map. Prints with unique city slogans are for sale, as well. Who knew Boston was notorious for dirty water?!

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Allie Washkin
Allie Washkin
Allie Washkin, SFCB's newest marketing intern, is earning a BA in Creative Writing at SFSU. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she has cultivated a love and devotion to coffee, airports, adventures, and the written word. She often walks, for hours on end, with nothing but ideas... Keep moving forward, and there will be light. Better said by Frank O'Hara: "You are gorgeous and I'm coming."

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