Maker Faire 2011

Maker Faire!  The name alone sends shivers down the spine of artists, musicians, DIYers, and the creative and curious everywhere.  Held in San Mateo last weekend, the annual event was a sprawling exposition celebrating all things made: an incredible intersection of art, music, engineering, science and good ol’ elbow grease.  Among the kinetic statues, electric muffin cars, modern homesteading, daredevil bicyclists and Victorian Steampunk science fiction curiosities, the SFCB arrived with a tabletop platen press in tow.  Visitors to our table used the press set with type reading “The Next Great American Novel” to print book covers, and then sat with our team of amazing volunteers to bind pages into the covers, creating a book.

An unexpected element of using the tabletop press were the memories and sentiment that it evoked in many our visitors.  Guests at the table waxed nostalgic about presses that their parents or grandparents used to have, or of print shops and businesses of their younger years.  It was an especially nice contrast to the bevy of futuristic contraptions and machines at surrounding tables in the exposition hall.

Photos of the event taken by Nina Zeininger-Byrne.

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Maggie Engebretson

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