Squid Printing at SFCB Earth Day

Docidicus gigas. Jumbo flying squid. Diablo rojo, or the red devil. No matter how you say it, these gorgeous cephalopods are impressive. And they make a handsome print! If you were lucky enough to join our Earth Day celebration this past Saturday, then you might’ve gotten in on the action. Two giant Humboldt squid generously donated their bodies to art and Earth Day awareness and took over our bindery.

Folks of all ages tried their hand at pulling a print from the huge squids, rolling the ink on, positioning their tentacles, and laying paper atop the inked creatures. A thorough rubbing with one’s hands transferred ink to paper, revealing in the Japanese fish printing tradition, a printed ghost  of what previously roamed the Pacific. If one was thorough they could print the squid’s eyes as well.

On hand to help was a bevy of volunteers gallantly braving the potent sea scent, supplying paper, mixing ink and making sure no tentacle was left un-inked.

For more information on the Humboldt squid, click here. Many, many thanks to Julie Whitcomb for her incredible work helping organize the Earth Day Extravaganza and getting the squid to SFCB, to Maggie Engebretson and Annemaree Rea for their unflappable coordinating work and for designing/printing the squid posters, and thank you also to Julia Stewart at Squids4Kids and Justin Holl at the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary visitor center for the squid.


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Rocket Caleshu
Rocket Caleshu
Rocket Caleshu is an instructor at SFCB, and a freelance letterpress printer.

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