SFCB at the Exploratorium Wood Fair

Here’s Nina Zeininger-Byrne manning the press at The Exploratorium’s first annual Wood Fair and wood-themed Open Make event this weekend. We schlepped one of our tabletop platen presses over to the Marina to demonstrate letterpress printing with wood type. (Unfortunately, as we decided to print cards with a wood-inspired pun on a Beach Boys song, we got “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” stuck in our heads all day.) The fair was a great mix of wood-themed activities and creations — DIY wooden treadmills and music boxes, papermaking using junk mail and coffee cans, log dissection, and the Friends of the Urban Forest were on hand to demonstrate proper tree planting. Hopefully we’ll see more collaboration with the Exploratorium in the coming months!

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Maggie Engebretson

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    I bet people were a little surprised to see a printing press at a wood fair. We used a press similar to that when I was in High School. It gave us a really good understanding of typesetting.

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