Earth Day Squid Printing

Once again, we’re on for squid printing at the Earth Day Extravaganza on April 23! The stars of the show will be two big, beautiful Pacific Humboldt squid donated from the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. We’ll be inking them up and laying them out on paper to create one-of-a-kind imprints of their bodies. But these guys definitely aren’t as languid and pliant as they’ll seem on our printing table; according to National Geographic, Humboldt squid have such a scary rep that they’ve earned the nickname diablos rojos, or red devils. Growing up to six feet long and one hundred pounds, they’re aggressive predators and feed voraciously on anything that moves. Divers report terrifying attacks by herds of hungry Humboldt squid, dodging their razor-sharp beaks and barbed tentacle suckers. Whoa.

Lucky for us, our guest squid will be in a state of repose with tentacles ready to make gorgeous prints. Check out these photos from last year’s Earth Day squid printing!

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Maggie Engebretson

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