Roadworks 2021

We are back on Rhode Island Street and we are excited to welcome everyone back this fall with the return of our Annual Roadworks Festival, September 26, 2021 from 11am–4pm.


About Steamroller Printing

With roots going back hundreds of years, relief printing -- a process where a protruding surface is inked and brought into contact with paper - is one of the oldest methods of printing illustrations in books.

During the Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival, we celebrate this facet of book arts history in the biggest, over-the-top, spectacular way we can think of, by printing linocuts using a 7-ton 1924 Buffalo Springfield steamroller  -- provided by Roots of Motive Power - combined with the road surface of Rhode Island Street as an enormous makeshift printing press. In this way, a team of featured artists, printers, and steamroller operators create large-scale Featured Artist prints and smaller Personal Prints Artists' prints, during the Festival.

The resulting "Featured Artists Roadworks" prints are then sold for $500 (3'x3') and Roadworks "Roadworks 'Personal Prints' Artists'" prints are sold for $40 each as a fundraising activity to benefit San Francisco Center for the Book. Thank you in advance for your support!

The Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival has become a popular tradition in the Do.Re.Mi (Dogpatch-Potrero-Hill-Mission) Arts District of San Francisco, attracts art, printmaking, and book art enthusiasts of all ages, including adults and kids, from far and wide.

Click here(link is external) to watch a Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival video put together by Gawker Media's popular design and technology blog, Gizmodo.

This years' Classic Prints artists are:

 Katherine Case :: Danguole Kuolas :: Rik Olson :: Erik Rewitzer :: Michelle Wilson

Personal Prints artists:

Kaitlin Aguilar :: Kelly Autumn :: Peter Baczek :: Erica Barajas :: Gregory Both :: Tanya Both :: Anna Branning :: Donna Brown :: Jose Ramirez Calamateo :: Alex Chao :: Jennifer Evans :: Sarah Fama :: Lori Foster ::  Hand Book Binders of CA :: Merilee Hepler :: Li Jiang :: John Kulikoff :: Stephanie Lesperance :: Stephanie Lie :: Margarita Marfori :: Lori Michelon :: Mary Mortimer :: Alisa Nacimento :: Jeni Paltiel :: Gino Robair ::   Joshua Rutherford :: Kush Shah :: Toru Sugita :: Barbara Summer :: Kelly Tanita :: Jesus Treviño :: Mari Upton :: Peter Warren :: Laura Whiteside :: @Youngchrisgirl


There are plenty of ways you can help us make this the best Roadworks yet! This year's event will take place entirely outdoors; there are a range of ways that volunteers can help out. Email to let us know you'd like to be a part of this year's (18th annual!) Roadworks team.

SFCB would like to thank the sponsors of our 18th annual Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival: