Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival 2017

Coming again Sunday :: September 23, 2018 from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Another Roadworks Rolls On...

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers, vendors, and visitors who made our 14th Annual Roadworks such a resounding success! Rhode Island Street was bustling with book arts activity punctuated by regular blasts from the Buffalo Springfield steamroller pictured above (graciously shared and expertly operated by our friends at Roots of Motive Power in Willits, CA). We'll be back next year with more steamroller printing to celebrate year 15!


(No Studio Directors were harmed in the making of Roadworks prints)



Proceeds from all steamroller print sales go to support SFCB's programs.

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About the Festival

The San Francisco Center for the Book’s 14th Annual Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival is a day-long public printmaking and book arts extravaganza that includes free hands-on printmaking and book arts activities, demonstrations, 50 arts and crafts vendors, art gallery and studio tours, and more.


About Steamroller Printing

With roots going back hundreds of years, relief printing -- a process where a protruding surface is inked and brought into contact with paper - is one of the oldest methods of printing illustrations in books.

During the Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival we celebrate this interesting fact of book arts history in the biggest, over-the-top, spectacular way we can think of, by printing linocuts using a 7-ton 1924 Buffalo Springfield steamroller and linocuts using a 12-ton 1916 Kelly Springfield steamroller -- both provided by Roots of Motive Power - combined with the road surface of Rhode Island Street as a humongous makeshift printing press. In this way a team of featured artists, printers and steamroller operators create large-scale Featured Artist prints and smaller Personal Prints Artists prints, during the Festival.

See for yourself! Come to the Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival. Admission is free. 

The resulting "Featured Artists Roadworks" prints are then sold for $500 (3'x3') and $250 (18"x18") and Roadworks "Roadworks 'Personal Prints' Artists'" prints are sold for $40 each as a fundraising activity to benefit San Francisco Center for the Book. Thank you in advance for your support!

The Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival has become a popular tradition in the Do.Re.Mi (Dogpatch-Potrero-Hill-Mission) Arts District of San Francisco, that attracts art, printmaking and book art enthusiasts of all ages, including adults and kids, from far and wide.



Roadworks Featured Artists

Each year San Francisco Center for the Book selects artists and invites them to be Featured Artists at Roadworks. These artists are provided with a 3' x 3' piece of "Battleship Linoleum" and are asked to create a linocut from it to be printed at the Festival. This year the steamroller printing of linocuts by six artists are the central attraction of the event: Josh Korwin & Alyssa Zukas :: Kristina Micotti :: Rik Olson :: Ryan Putnam :: Eric Rewitzer :: David Tim


Roadworks "Personal Prints" Artists

This exciting program allows the first 40 people to sign-up with the opportunity to design and carve an Official Roadworks Personal Prints 9" x 12" piece of linoleum and have it printed by a real steam-powered steamroller at San Francisco Center for the Book's Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival on Sunday, September 17, 2017. Roadworks "Personal Prints" by these artists will be available for sale at the Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival for $40 each as a fundraising activity to benefit San Francisco Center for the Book. Thank you for your support! 

This year's Personal Prints Artists include: Jody Arthur, Trudy Barnes, Mary Beaton, Sarahjane Bernhisel, Carley Biblin, Lisa Bigeleisen, Andrew Bishop, Tanya F. Both, Anna Branning, Victoria Brzustowicz, Jose Ramirez Calamateo, Lisettte Fall-Conroy, Michael Ferguson, Lori Foster, Annette Goldberg, Patrick Kavanagh, John Kulikoff, Michelle Lee, Janet Livingston, Melissa Mohammadi, Elizabeth Newsom, Lian Ng, Jeni Paltiel, Judith K. Patterson, Katherine Pulido, Patricia Reilly, Karl Roeseler, Rooftop School, Selin Safak-Ipeckci, Pauline C Scott, Wendy Shiraki, Kelly Torres, Stephen C Vance, Taylor Wega, Christine Weibel, Julie Whitcomb, Sadie Wilcox, and Carrie Yakura.  



Roadworks Vendors

3 Fish Studios :: Accardi Book Arts :: Artspan :: Baczek Studio :: Cameron Forsley Art :: Cards That Art :: Circle A Studio :: Dandy Lion Press :: David Tim :: Dependable Letterpress :: Dutch Poet Press :: EGChu Handcrafted :: Gina Visione :: Graphic Arts Workshop :: Hoofprint Chicago :: joan karissa :: John Kulikoff :: Kit Davey, Book Artist :: Kristina Micotti Illustration :: Litquake :: Lizard Press :: Long Sleeve Shirt Press :: M + H Type :: Melissa West :: neon sprinkles studio :: North Bay Letterpress Arts :: Object: Found :: Nibby Press :: Painted Tongue Press :: Paperflirt :: Raes of Sun ::,Rajit Phiosuwan, Artist and Printmaker :: Rik Olson ~ Printmaker ::  Ryan Putnam :: S + M Press :: San Francisco Art Institute :: San Francisco Public Press :: Savior Faire :: Three Steps Ahead :: Talleres Populares :: ZYZZYVA